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02-28-2012, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Devil Dancer View Post
Here's what it took me a while to figure out about stopping:

When you stop, your front skate should be almost perpendicular to the ice. Usually when people are learning to stop they think they have to dig in at a steep angle. That is totally incorrect. Your front skate should be almost straight up and down, with just a slight angle. That way your inside blade can scrape across the surface of the ice, slowing you down without digging in and throwing you forward.


I just upgraded from a $200 pair (Easton SE 10s) to a $350 pair (Easton EQ40s). Bought 'em and baked 'em tonight, and I'll play on them Friday. Can't wait!
While it may be the end result, I don't think anyone stops like that...

Not to be a buzzkill either, but the EQ40 isn't that much of an upgrade over the SE10s, but enjoy nonetheless! Always fun using new gear.

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