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11-13-2003, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ejaculine
I don't agree with you at all. Théo is good but way overrated. Théo's games are very inconsistant. Shut out when you only get a couple of hardshots, there is no need to reward this. Garon did very well in the game with Columbus so... there's no need for this stupid saga.
“Théo's games are very inconsistant” – you mean this year or last year?
Because so far he has 4 SO, he may have been inconsistant just a little but not “very inconsistant”.

What do you have against Théo?
There's some things I don't understand with this board. First there is your post and then some others write: let's trade Theo, Garon can do the job and Damphousse can be a good backup. Thanks god you're not Bob Gainey!!! First you keep Theo and if ever you have to trade him it's for Hedjuk or similar or it's no trade at all. Looks like a remake of Houle trading Roy for 3 bag of patatoes.

About the goalie a coach put for each game, you have to take in consideration the ego a goalie have. You're not learning something new, goalies are playing a solitaire game, they are in a different world, they have to be treated with touch.
Remember the character of Roy, Hasek, Brodeur, Hackett, etc. Goalies have huge ego, it's reality, you have to deal with this fact. If a coach make a goalie unhappy, that may affect his next game. Obviously Bowman was a professionnal coach, CJ still have some things to learn. Some posters here too.

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