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02-29-2012, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by EllertoKostitsynGoal View Post
Not technically since he can't trade them but I believe he played a big part in that. They were clearly unhappy with the dump and chase/anti puck possession system. This led to Cammy's comment (wich were completely twisted by Gagnon), then the trade... Funny how a team that now needs tough minutes wingers traded the guy that has played on average the toughest minutes in the entire NHL (Serious about that) for a soft minutes third liner.

Pretty sure AK was well on his way to resigning before we screwed up, he was having a great season when he had stable linemates and didn't get benched for handling the puck. Thankfully for us, he didn't run out the most important piece of that line (even if some people wish he did) Plekanec doesn't look happy but he usually suck it up and does what is asked of him.
Cammalleri was unhappy with the coach, so the GM trades him away in favour of a coach he's going to fire anyway? AK has always had one foot in the door and one out for the last 2 seasons, same as under JM. I understand the concern over how poorly he has coached, but let's not lose sight of who is running the ship, and basically ran it into the ground after some bizarre decisions.

I also wouldn't pin the trades of SK, Lapierre, O'Byrne, Lats, D'agostini on JM (and it would be much easier to say JM was a direct cause of those players being shipped out for at this point what amounts to Bournival/Palushaj) because no matter how much a coach is unhappy with certain players in no way should that majorly influence how a GM assembles his team, otherwise who is really in charge at that point?

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