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02-29-2012, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
C'mon Bryan. Gilbert and Gagner are two of my favorite players that were on the team. Heres a thread from the offseason if you don't believe me.

Is it not clear where I stand?

If thats your take on me so be it. Because it sure seems like you're trying to say something there about me.

Anyway I'm done here.
Maybe it's because I'm used to you defending Gagner tooth and nail that I didn't realize your strong like for Gilbert, either way it sucks when one of your favorite players move on, so here's to hoping that Schultz becomes a guy that you can enjoy watching on the club, like you did Gilbert.

Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
It was 1 year. There are literally no long-term implications from that contract or signing in any way or form.
Pretty much, it was a warm body for one last year of sucking, if he turned it around e look like geniuses, if he doesn't you say adios.

Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
I think Vandermeer would have been better and came cheaper.

Is that what youre getting at?
Sutton > Vandermeer and he took Vandy's spot. If anything Peckham blocked having both on the club.

Originally Posted by raab View Post
I think that's the jist of it. I would have rather seen us add another 1.25 and go after Hamrlik.
Meh, we needed 1 more year of drafting really high so no sense in adding a guy like Hamrlik (besides if he was an UFA, why would he have signed here at this point in his career?) we helped address some needs up front this past offseason, this will be the year that we upgrade on D and hopefully in net.

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