Thread: Switzerland: A hockey weekend in Zürich
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02-29-2012, 04:23 AM
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Thanks a lot for your help, people. We had a great weekend and my friend got some nice birthday surprises.

It's true the hockey experience in Zürich was not exactly what I expected - the Stimmung was good from a Finnish point of view, but I was expecting the whole crowd go crazy or at least a lot of singing and chanting. There were a lot of empty seats in the arena, and the arena itself was a little strange due to the fact that there's a big space between the rink and the lowest seats. Next time to Berne, Kloten or some other location then. We did meet some Zürich players after the game and got some cards signed. Especially my old favourite Ari Sulander was great, he chatted with us for a long time after the game.

Zürich as a city was pretty nice, very easy to navigate and clean. I was surprised there were not that many bars in the centre, at least we only found some in the old town as well as on Langstrasse. I preferred the 0,45 franc supermarket beer over the 8 franc bar one. Food was great as well, I had for instance some raclette rösti, delicious. On sunday we also visited Zug for a few hours - very quiet but also very nice. Great sceneries. My friends visited Uetliberg twice, unfortunately I didn't make it but they loved it.

The people were friendly and helpful - although directions in Swiss German were a little hard to comprehend with my school-learn German. The ladies were beautiful and stylish. Obviously there's a lot of money in the country and it shows.

I took home some chocolate and apple liquor - but I skipped the 45000 franc watches.

Thanks again for all the advice.

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