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02-29-2012, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Axl Rhoadz View Post
Kings will need to go 13-6 in final 19 to get to 94 points. For a team that's only 5 games over .500 after 63 games, no way that's happening. Sure the team could get hot...but let's get realistic, have they ever been hot all season?

Hit the reset button, ffwd to OCT. Looking forward to going back to a season where the Kings are expected to suck ass....they play better with no expectations, that has been clearly proven by the 2011-12 campaign.
Fine, fast forward to October. You can wait for us there.

Calling a season over with 19 games left is just dumb. Look at the Oilers in 2006. They were out of the playoffs when they traded for Roloson and they came within a win of getting the cup (maybe they would have got it if Roloson didn't get hurt in the finals).

If we get in, anything can happen. And as for that great Detroit team that will stomp us in the first round, every one said the same thing the last time we played them in the playoffs too.

Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
It's been over for a while, the only question is whether or not Lombardi and Sutter remain next season.
What's a while? Weren't we in a playoff spot like a week ago?

Originally Posted by King Richards View Post
Even though I think this season is kaput and we won't make the playoffs, I do think it might go down as a weird transitional year that was an aberration which ultimately led us closer to our goal.
Agree. Most teams have them. Look at Quebec/COlorado two years before they won the cup. Had a huge let down, fell right out of the playoffs. In came Crawford and Lacroix and two years later, Stanley Cup. It happens.

Originally Posted by MN14 View Post

But I agree--I'm still wondering what we did to piss the hockey gods off.
When you trade the pick that would be Ray Bourque for a washed up goalie, let Billy Smith go in the expansion draft and spend nearly two decades as the pasture where other teams send their old timers, the hockey gods eventually look at you like that 'special' child who shouldn't be around sharp objects. We need to show them our IQ is higher than that of a dung beetle to get some respect.

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