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02-29-2012, 10:23 AM
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From what I have heard center ice 300,s or the equivalant of should be priced next year between $73 and $78.Other 300,s should be in the high $60,s. My friend in the ticket department told me that upper management realizes that this team is extremely good know but it is important to MSG to not price out the regular fan. I would also expect to see the lower bowl go up slightly. Since last year the waiting list has grown from under 40 requests to a about 400 or about 10x and that usually means 2 seats or more with a $500 deposit. I know for a fact that 2 seasons ago there was no waiting list at all and that included some 300,s and 400,s.
When I first signed up for the waiting list in 1996 it took me about 7 years to get called because I requested only 300,s and 400,s. (My Brother ended up taking these from me). I then put my self back on the list after the lockout and got my own seats 4 years ago.
One thing in the STH,s favor is that the seats will be assigned before the playoffs are over thus I would hope keeping the price down if the Rangers have a great playoff. I would be worried pricewise about 2 years from now because the team should be better,the garden will be done and the waiting list will be longer. As long as MSG has a waiting list they will have no problem raising prices. Unfortunately for us that is the way business works.

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