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02-29-2012, 10:29 AM
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I don't really like to get into these guys' personal lives, so I'll try to keep it to generalizations. Again, this is a generalization.

I think I posted something about how Canadian farm boys won't be able to handle life in LA, es. with a C-list actress/model wife with Hollywood dreams. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume they had to socialize in circles that were less than typical Canadian/American family-style. Not to say that lifestyle is all shady people, but a lot of it revolves around a**-kissing people and fakeness.

Quickie's wife: College/HS seethearts I think she's the daughter of his former coach or something. East coast hockey family.
Brownie's wife: Similar deal. Obviously not your Hollywood lady. More like soccer mom style lol

See the difference? Hockey players seem to need that down-to-earth wife. Especially as most are from middle of nowhere with snow lol.

I guess this is a thing because growing up in LA, many of us learned very quickly to stay away from Hollywood type women or women whose interest was being in those circles (unless of course you also want to be in those circles).

Anyway. I wish the best for Dustin. I almost want to see how he does after he gets over this.

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