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02-29-2012, 11:03 AM
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WTF is up with you guys? You seriously want to run with Bishop-Lehner next year? You don't have to look very far down the 401 to see what can happen when you run with two unproven goalies. Heck, Reimer alone almost had more NHL games played going into this season than Bishop and Lehner COMBINED, yet Lehner plays 2 (TWO!) solid games and we're discussing dumping Anderson? Give your heads a shake.

Jimmy Howard spent 4 years honing his craft in the AHL. Crawford spent the better part of 5 seasons. Goalies take time. It is best to give them that time.

The last thing I want is for thsi team to pull the same idiotic move Burke did this season and have zero NHL experience in the net. Sure, things might be different, but if you have a very good NHL veteran goalie (Anderson) and two solid, yet unproven rookies, YOU KEEP THE VETERAN.

Also, keep in mind folks that Bishop is 25 years old. Lehner is 20. Lehner can play next season in Bingo, get the majority of starts, and Bishop can back-up Anderson next season and hopefully not be a dud like Auld and get 15-20 starts.

It will be the season after where I think it will get interesting, but, Bishop might suck donkey balls and be let go and Lehner will just move into the back-up role.

Having a couple of options is much better than having no options at all. Leafs have no other options, and their blowhard GM didn't fix that. We were very limited in our options and our GM did something about it. Not sure why this is a problem. Oh no!! We have too many good goalies now! It's a good problem to have, in my opinion.

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