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02-29-2012, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by HyeDray View Post
On P.A. — I think we will get the deal done at it will be 4 years at $3.5-3.75 per season average. I think the Isles want to give him a Matt Moulson type deal, but P.A. wants the 4th year. Snow realizes that there are no other 70+ point guys who are going to come here at this time.

We were not discussing it but others in this thread have, and those who are suggesting Nabokov has no interest in staying here don't know what they are talking about.

Nabokov could have requested a trade at any point in time during the season, and with his NTC, he could have picked his team —*be it Chicago, Detroit, Vancouver or any contender. He did not ask for a trade. He further has been in discussions with Garth Snow for several weeks on a contract. My guess is he will sign a deal between now and the end of the season. I think the sticking issue is DiPietro and the concept of having 3 goalies on the team. This has all been reported by Newsday.
Wow, Hye Dry, where have you gotten so much faith despite years of evidence to the contrary???

Don't get me wrong: I have no doubt that Snow wants to keep both and that a fair deal with good money will be suggested.

But alone all one has to do is point to guys like Leino and Fleischmann and then ask oneself "Why wouldn't Parenteau feel inclined to seek that money with a more promising team?"

The question is not only logical, but it's surely being asked by his agent.

Not a soul in the NHL world should think that Parenteau is gonna give this team some sweetheart deal or accept less money for sentimental reasons.

He's about to cash in on the biggest paycheck of his life and there are some crazy GMs out there likely willing to oblige him.

At this juncture, it is foolish for Snow and for fans to think/assume/feel that Evgeni and PA are inclined to resign here.

Simply foolish.

Its a fair bet that Nabby sees what is here, and in front of him on the ice. He can see the play of many of the young players, and that he will become a true #1 here.
Ohhhh goodness, if he's seeing what's here and on the ice (which he obviously is), then he's thinking this is a wrecked ship that will not be sailing again any time soon.

I greatly doubt that his desires are currently to be the number one guy with two good rookies breathing down his kneck behind a poorly assembled and greatly mismanaged group of skaters.

I don't care how much he may like some of these kids or teammates, he knows far better than we do what incredible difference there is between years of being with a winner (San Jose) and this season with a hopeless Islander cast.

I am curious to see what negotiation rabbit Snow will pull out of his hat to get Nabby signed. Not sure if anything less than 4 million per will do it.

If we were to lose both/either I have no problem. What any GM offered and what they didn't will never be known. The rest is speculation. I would have been more upset if Snow had sold low. Plus, I think both will be re-signed anyway.
You may think both will be resigned, but the logic behind that thought process is flawed.

Right now, I'm just a bit dumbfounded by the faith and optimism Islander fans are showing despite another playoffless season and a whole slew of questionable moves and non-moves that have the Isles going nowhere fast.

It's like Snow has a bunch of us enthralled in some type of Stockholm Syndrome.

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