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02-29-2012, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by GhettoHockey View Post
Like i said before selling low on kulemin would not make sense here i bet that first rounder was a high 20's team... just wouldnt make sense going forward here.... give him a shot at a bounce back year and hopefully a part of a tougher 3rd line going forward. In regards to Schenn, hes a core piece going forward and hes a young defender who will mature into a solid player give him more faith. Grabo is a lock going forward for me good solid 2 way player if it was a high pick in the draft I mighta reconsidered but i doubt that was the offer! MacArthur is expendable
Presumably, a team either trying to get in or trying for a run would have made the offers. That puts the picks anywhere from 12-15 (for a team on the verge that fails) or 16-26 for a cup run. I don't see any of the mains trading for any of those players (i.e. nyr, detroit, van, boston).

I love Grabo, and resigning him is the right thing to do, but we're not winning anything how we're going while he is under contract.

Originally Posted by Leafan519 View Post
Would have loved one for at least Mac. It could have been used as a nice little trading chip in the draft to help move up and get Galchenyuk if we aren't quite terrible enough to plummet into the top 5. I don't see Mac as being in the long term plans for this team once our young guys on the Marlies are ready for prime time, and Kadri could have easily moved into his spot the rest of this year and replaced him.
Agreed. I think most people like Mac, but it's business.

Originally Posted by ACC1224 View Post
I would think had he accepted them he would have shipped some of them out for Players. You lose 4 players, they have to be replaced.
We have 4 players that are on the verge of coming into the NHL, not to mention 3 million dollar armstrong in the press box, an extra NHL d-man sitting out every night, etc. We have more then enough to replace them. Clearing the player space to help the young guys develop can't hurt.

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