Thread: Speculation: 2012-2013 Sharks Roster analysis
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02-29-2012, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by BrianSmith View Post
SJE said that my estimates of the cap going up 2-2.5mil next year were conservative, and therefore would be a good place to start for cap space in these types of threads.
I was being conservative with the cap. I think it will go up slightly too, but was playing it safe. If you feel the cap will go up, go for it, but I doubt it goes upto Nash numbers

With that said, I think you have Moore too cheap, I can see him wanting 2mil, especially since us wanting him back would most likely point to him having a successful playoffs, which would make two playoffs in a row for him (last year with TB, this year with SJ) and therefore he'd have some bargaining power.
Possible, agian i was going with his historic numbers which have been around 1.1-1.3. If he performs again in the playoffs I'd be ok giving him 2.

Wingles - I think his salary will actually go DOWN, just like Ginner's did this year. This will ensure that Wingels can be cap-friendly and increases his chances of actually playing. I don't think he will go 1+ mil, as he hasn't earned it.
Good point, that's possible.

Stuart - You have him low as well. Stuart will get very close to what he is making now on the open market, and I'd love it if the Sharks could get him at anywhere 3.5mil or below.
He comes at a discount to be near his family or I'm not interested. If he wants 3.5, enjoy being a Duck or something.

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