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Originally Posted by Tadite View Post
CTE is a game changer. It's a fundamental problem that all physical sports are going to have to deal with if they want to have players in the next generation.

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CTE changes the dynamic. Now you're a high-school player and you could have degenerative brain damage for life? It's not like this is some sorta "he knew the risks" issue. He didn't know it was that risky. And that's the point. It's not like you HAVE to play football or hockey. Soccer's sitting around or Basketball or even Lacrosse. Problem for the pros is the moment you don't have kids signing up in elemetery school is the moment talent no longer shows up in high-school, college, and then drafts.
First of all the link between CTE and fighting is NOT established. Even if one were to presume that there is an association between fights and CTE, I think that the link between other forms of contact ( checking/boarding) will be far more direct, If your primary goal is to promote player safety, then why don't the " ban-fighting" types slide down that slippery slope and come out and advocate that the NHL actually become the no hitting league.

Secondly, you can't protect people from themselves. The overwhelming majority of fights ( with the exception of Vityaz) are consentual, if you don't want to fight then in the overwhelming majority of the time you don't have to. People chose to do things ALL THE TIME that directly put their well being at risk ( free-climbing, double back flips on a snowmobile, crab fishing). If they know the risk they they get to accept the consequences, even if most rational people would NEVER consider doing these dangerous stunts/jobs

The only way in which the " anti-fighting" position could have any traction is if one were to argue that the players are somehow unaware of the potential consequences of dropping the mitts. I can assure you that the people who do drop them are exceedingly aware of the potential consequences. If the basis of your position requires that you infantilize the players in order to act as their nanny, I imagine you can see why some people would take offense.

I'm not keen on kids fighting, nor an I opposed to having some restrictions at the CHL level( perhaps based on frequency or referees discretion for fights so that sticking up for a teamate does not have the same penalty of fighting an unwilling opponent) but I dont think it will ever be removed from the game nor am I convinced that these approaches will increase player safety.

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