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11-13-2003, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Funkymoses
Hell, I agree that you shouldn't lose your eligibility if you play in the CHL (or if you do it should be on a year-for-year basis), but the reason you do has nothing to do with anyone protecting "fiefdoms," as that well-respected and always correct gentlemen of the highest caliber Kyle Woodlief so elegantly puts it.
Really Funky? Then can you explain how the proposed de-amuturization rule was torpedoed in hockey. Its funny that tennis players can play for money yet still have their eligibility intact yet hockey players can't. Remember three years ago when a proposal was put on the table to allow CHL players to play in the NCAA at no penalty provided they did not sign a pro contract and entered college upon graduating from highschool? What happened to that plan? Do you remember the stink put up by coaches like Welch from Maine who said that if such a deal were to pass, a player such as Paul Karyia would never don a Maine jersey again.

The NCAA had its chance to rectify what really is a wrong but the hockey powers that be killed it!

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