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Originally Posted by hbk View Post
I've been stating for weeks (months?) that Maloney needed to make room for Summers. He is ready to be a full time NHL'er.

Stone has gone from "also ran" to back into the equation. His biggest problem is organizational depth and the issue that he may be jumped in the queue by Rundblad and Gormely. Stone needs to differentiate himself by becoming a shock blocker, big shot from the point, or a physical presence. If he can do that he will find his niche and be a valuable asset.

The fact that we have paired Summers and Stone together during this latest run is amazing IMO. Two rookies playing well in limited minutes during a playoff drive. Great job by the organization.
Originally Posted by kihekah19 View Post
Amazing and impressive.... should be everyones opinion!
Should be....but I seem to remember a lot of criticism when the recent scouting staff changes were made. I have no issues with their 'overall' draft production. Unfortunately they drafted a bunch of moral-midget forwards with some of their high draft picks who ran from hard work and/or turned their back on the organization. But overall the draft picks from the previous scouting team were above average IMO. You can look at the entire body of work, or like a lot seem to do, just focus on a few questionable picks and lambast the scouting group over those picks if you want.

If you want to see real bad drafting, it's in the Booby Smith era...the era that is more responsible than any other for setting the organization back 10 years. Fortunately we're finally benefitting from picks made after Booby was canned as GM.

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