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01-31-2006, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by panayiotis
Lazy black guy!!!!!No racial biased their!!!The incident on the bus...Hockeys is the most red neck establishment around...Think my friend....Again put youreself in the other kids shoes..
Are you insane? NASCAR is the most redneck establishment around, if you're referring to sports. But come on dude, you have no clue what you're talking about with this. There was nothing racial about this incident. Charlie said it perfectly, he was a lazy rookie that mouthed off. Who said anything about the kid being black? Most of the idiots in the media and around the continent who heard about this incident have no clue that Aliu is off a different colour than most hockey players. In fact I guarantee 90% of the people reading this thread are finding out about it for the first time. No one has ever played the race card with this incident. You'd have to be down-right ignorant. His idiot dad, who was an IDIOT, I can't stress that enough, may have said something but he also accused Downie of trying to kill his son and was taking him off the team "for his own safety". The whole family is messed up.

Things are only about race when people like you make them about race. It's a pretty sad day when one hockey player can't beat up another hockey player for mouthing off without some moron thinking it's about race.

Lundqvist started for the Rangers tonight while Kevin Weekes sat on the bench. IT MUST BE RACISM! Get serious.

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