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Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
that would be the end result after a lot of practice and ice time.

Starting out, the blades should be perpendicular, then as you get more comfortable and stronger with the technique then you get into a deeper angle for faster stops.
Not trying to be an argumentative ***** (seriously I'm not), but I don't agree with this. When a beginner is learning to stop, starting with snow plows, then one skate plows then to a full hockey stop, I think it is much easier to learn with a little more angle to it. Staying too upright makes it harder to balance and sometimes go out the front. Any of the 'learn to stop' videos I've ever seen using the progressive method have all shown a healthy angle to the blade.

IMO, the biggest issue most beginners have with stopping has nothing to do with blade angle/position and everything to do with body position (knees, hips and chest).

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