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Originally Posted by Tadite View Post
I don't think people are seriously suggesting that getting punched in the head often isn't going to be a issue.

Percentages matter. So what is it? 25% of CTE is due to fighting? 10%? Either way less sounds better then more. It's not much of an argument to claim that hockey is dangerous so why worry about it.

You can play hockey without targeting the head and getting into fights. Some people suggest no head-shots = no hitting. Or no fighting = no hitting. Not all that sure why. Seems just like a made up argument. Unless no one hits in college or in most national tournaments. I seem to have missed the brawls during the Olympics or in the Frozen Four...

Of course you can. These aren't adults. They're kids. You routinely keep kids from doing stupid things. That's basic parenting.

You don't need to infantilize kids. They're kids. They aren't players. They're kids playing a game. Kinda of a big difference and if hockey wants to exist they'd better think about it quick.
Percentages DO matter, what if the majority of CTE stems from checking ( legal or not) ? Would you advocate eliminating it, or is your concern for " player safety" only linked to your desire to get rid of fighting ? If you are really concerned for player safety, would it not be reasonable to restrict the most injurious activities first ? Rick martin had CTE despite having few fights, most of the players suffering concussions do so from hits, some of which the head was not targeted.

I have no problem with the CHL putting in some restrictions, but if we are going to do this in order to increase player safety, the it might be good to demonstrate that these changes actually would increase player safety and not lead to other unwanted consequences.

A 16 or 17 year old certainly is aware of the consequences of dropping the gloves, telling them they can't because you dont like it might make you feel better but don't expect it to change much.

Everything is associated with some risk. some people are more willing to take on these risks than others. I suspect that laying the body down to block a shot is inherantly dangerous and "could" be done away with for player safety but trying to enforce this would be difficult.

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