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02-29-2012, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Robert View Post
Agree, it was bad, not sure how it be next season.. Wiz might be banged up but with him and Jack I'm not sure at times if they are forwards or defenseman. Not only that, our offense has taken a time machine back to 2010-11... What a mess...
That doesn't make the D bad though, that makes the coaches bad. It's funny because when we traded for JJ what did we all say on these boards, we all said JJ and Wiz aren't going to be a good pair. And would yah looky there, like most things, we are usually right, and what's that, o yeah, big surprise, our coaches continue to prove they are not capable of being at the NHL level. I really just don't see how an NHL coach can think putting two offensive minded guys together and think it is going to work especially when Wiz is clearly not that good at all in the D zone. It's ridiculous to think that we as fans can see these things better than a freaking NHL interim head coach can.

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