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Originally Posted by Tadite View Post
Hockey without fighting is still hockey. If we get to a point that hockey itself has a high degree of connection to CTE then we're screwed.

I don't know the answer to that. To be honest, I'm just assuming that football would be worst. Much more violent and more importantly more reliant on repetitive hitting. It's the reason why DL/OL guys seem to have the most problem. Every single play they're getting hit in the head. I don't we have the same issue in hockey. Every-time you're on the ice you aren't getting hit in the head just to play in football that's your job.

I don't think a 16 year old is aware of anything. His choice doesn't matter. His parents choice does. That's really the long-term problem. If parents say no when the kids 6 or 10 or first wants to play we have real problem.

At this point we're not just thinking about the health of current players but of the next generation. CTE being front page news on every newspaper in the country isn't exactly great for youth programs (not even counting how crazy expensive hockey as become). So far the news is about football... thank god...
How do you know that hockey without fighting is still hockey ? Is hockey without checking or lifters still hockey ? I'm sorry but how is it that you think that you get to make this determination for everyone ? We get it, you dont like the fights and that is a perfectly acceptable and reasonable position to take, but stop the disingenuous " we are protecting the players" nonsense.

There are kids ( more specifically minors) that do things that I think are completely reckless but that does not mean that I get to tell them that I know what is best for them. If I had a kid in the CHL and I was really concerned about him fighting, I'd have no problem pulling him from the league. The same way that if some other parent had a diffferent opinion and was okay with his kid dropping the gloves within reason then that is a decisions that THEY get to make, not me.

At some point kids have to be able to make their own decisions, you dont become an adult at age 18 plus one day. Try to do the best you can to make sure they dont do something stupid and hurt themself but there has to be a happy medium, you can't coddle your kids protecting them from everything until the leave the nest ( actually you can but you can't do it and still maintain that you are actually doing right by your kids). Kids have been fighting in the CHL for years with limited reprecussions. Can it be toned down ? Sure it can. Can it be eliminated, I think it highly unlikely. I still say that if you don't want your kid to fight then tell them not to fight and in the most cases it will not be a problem because most fights are still require consent.

I just say a youtube video of a 9 year old kid on a skateboard on what was called the mega-ramp. Fantastically insane stuff, and not for like 99.9999999999999% of the population, but I don't begrudge the kid ( Even Doherty) for trying it, even if he would have wiped out ( he did apparently although I did not, and would not, watch those).

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