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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
i don't have anything to discuss. i simply want to know if this is a thread where noone wants to be corrected, then i will not "troll" or "flame" anyone here. i just might ignore this thread altogether regardless.
I'd love to be corrected by someone as informed and intelligent as yourself on how to improve my overall athletic endurance without cardio or interval training.

I'm 35, 5'-10 1/2" & a lean 210-215lbs & my hockey team wants me to stay on the ice more (have more ice time) especially in important games. I have a respectable strength level. & wouldn't mind also lowering my 5k time in summer events that I take part in (22-24+mins depending on how much I prepare, or how fun that particular city is the night before )

So far, all you've offered is a link to a very basic barbell weight training book, if you can give me a new training regime involving only weight training, please offer it up. I'm very open to more much appreciated advice.

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