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02-29-2012, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by copperandblue View Post
It's probably even more clear when you are looking for something to confirm what you want to see.

I don't know what kind of statistical analysis you want but I would say that the toi ice stat is flawed in that;

a) the coach controls it and we don't know if or what motivations are behind his decisions
b) Gilbert was coming off an injury which may have affected how he was being used
c) the production argument you are trying to link to the ice time argument can also be in part affected by the match ups Gilbert and Whitney were seeing once they got back from their injuries

Factor in that we know, or should know, that experience and the defence position go hand in hand - something Petry has almost none of and of which consistency is born from - also something of which Petry is a long way of proving he has

This fan base and to a certain extent this organization has a history of overvaluing the shiny new prospect only to learn the hard way that development isn't a true and uniform path. Given where this team is positioned and what they just gave up there is probably a refresher course on this lesson coming down the path and that doesn't bode well for the significant leap forward this team was supposed to make this year...err next year.

But sure toi ice in the month of February is a start...
I'll take whatever sort of statistical analysis either proves or disproves my point, while I will acknowledge the stats I pointed out are a small sample size, I am not entirely convinced it undercuts the narrative I presented. After 2 games under 20 minutes, gilbert's minutes climbed back up for 3 games, and then plummeted back down to under 20, mainly in favour of Petry getting a significant bump in playing time.

Ultimately my point won't be "proved" or "disproved" without some underlying doubts until a greater sample size is presented, but I still feel fairly confident in my position.

however if you do have something to present to undercut it, I'd me more than happy to debate it. Just calling it arbitrary seems like a bit of a baseless.

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