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Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
That's a really interesting point.

Kopitar has actually taken about the same amount of shots season by season throughout his career.

His highest goal total years were

2009-2010 (34 goals 259 shots 13.1%)
2007-2008 (32 goals 201 shots 15.9%)

his two LOWEST years. (discounting his rookie year)

Last year (2010-2011 25 goals, 233 shots 10.7%)
and this years pace (24 goals 229 shots 10.1%)

You compare those stats to some guys who are considered a pure sniper.... and the percentages are relatively the same, and actually..most times lower.

Zach Parise for example scored 45 goals in 08-09 and was shooting at 12.4%, he scored 38 the following season and was shooting at 11%.

The differences between the two players? Shot totals. 364, and 347 respectively for Zach Parise.

Lets grab another guy who is considered a pure sniper. Our very own Jeff Carter.

in 08-09 he grabs 46 goals, 342 shots, 13.5%
the following two seasons he has 33 goals and 36. 319 and 335, 10.3 and 10.7% again respectively.

Kopitar, in my opinion COULD BE A PURE SNIPER. But it seems like he doesn't want to be. He likes to pass the buck to someone else.

Looking at these stats it looks purely like Kopitar is limiting himself to try and jam a square peg through a round hole (sound familiar Terry Murray/Jamie Kompon?)

The percentages are there for Kopitar. The fact that he takes over 100 less shots, sometimes 150 then what people would consider a "pure sniper" is what I think is holding him back. It's not his positioning on ice, his drive to the net. He pretty much does that. Kopitar just simply refuses to shoot the puck more.

He instead willingly dishes the puck to guys like Dustin Brown and Justin Williams who over their careers have averaged under 10% shooting.

If Anze wants to take his game to the next level he has to start being much more selfish. Saying, no this is my puck and I am going to shoot it.

Watch Carter, watch Ovechkin, watch Parise. Those guys when they get the puck have ONE THING ON THEIR MIND. Shoot. Shoot and score.

Ovechkin is not worried about dealing it to Nicky Backstrom. He is worried about scoring 50+ goals and taking 400-500+ shots.

Simple as that, Kopi needs to shoot more and be selfish.
He must not be pure sniper, that would be waste of his talents in my opinion. The team needs him to be more than that. There is a reason why centers mostly have lower shot averages than centers (edit: I mean wingers). They have different roles in the team. They have different roles offensively and defensively. As a consequence they shoot a bit less.

BTW, why has Ovechkin's shots per game went down to almost 50%?

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