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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Let's just hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn't a train.

We do have guys we could've traded though. Pleks, Cole... those guys would've gotten some good returns. Why didn't we explore this avenue?

Great, so we're not Toronto. What's that got to do with anything?

We're a perpetual bubble team that has fallen off a cliff. Moreover, as we've fallen we've made sideways moves and haven't tried to build for the future. It's one thing to fall to last place, it's a whole other ballgame to do it and stick yourself with Thomas Kaberle at the same time.

I don't think he's mad that PG did nothing to make the Habs better, I think he's simply pointing out that we have a lot of trash that nobody else is interested in.

As for 'what could he have done?' He could've offered up some of the vets like Pleks and Cole to see what he could get to build the future with. He had choices, he just chose to stand pat. That's fair enough, but don't sit there and say he had no choice to do this.

Sure, Eller's an okay prospect. But he's nothing to write home about. That's Red's point. our team is made up of guys with not a whole lot of value. We're not in very good shape right now. Is there a team out there right now that just HAS to have Eller? No. But we're looking at him to play a major role for us.

AK was a big part of our offense. You want to knitpick about Cole vs. him in terms of goalscoring... that's fine. They usually put up around 25 goals a year each. I think Cole brings more to the table right now for sure too btw and would've garnered far more interest but it doesn't change the fact that we traded away a core player and only managed a 2nd. That's not good man.
People would inquire about eller if PG was stupid enough to trade him. Red Fisher isnt simply pointing out anything, as said earlier by agnostic he was piling on and using the trade deadline to justify it. What would you have traded AK for if you dont mind me asking? If you wouldnt have traded him for a second I assume you would re-sign him.

Also you dont trade your best FA signing of the previous off season unless he asks or they are going full rebuild and you tell Cole upfront. It's ridiculous to sign a guy, have him be your best forward night in night out and trade him. Maybe Plekanec was being shopped but people couldnt fit him under the cap, since no top 6 players other than carter where traded. It is easy to sit there and point the finger when you dont think about the logistics of it all (cap hit, term remaining).

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