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Originally Posted by rocketfan View Post
Wingman I agree it wouldnt suprise me but at some point next yr Duffy has to be traded unless at xmas we r in a suprising position but if not he has to be traded! But Savard has to build a winner soon a lot of people are getting fed up and I think these last 3 home games are gonna be a sad number of people. But with the Panthers selling out hopefully Savard realizes build a winner and the fans will come. Wingman is there any1 else u see a chance of being traded at draft day max lagace maybe?
If Savard hadn't realized until now that if you build a winning team the fans will come, then he shouldn't own a sports team. But then again this is the same organization that put in the season renewal letters that attendance has to pick up before they are able to compete with the bigger market teams and this was done with the knowledge that fans are fed up with the losing.

As far as Lagace I hope they hang onto him for a bit and see how both he and Bibeau develops, I would hate to see them jump the gun, move one of them and then find out the one they kept can't get the job done. Just my thought on this but if they develop them both right and do things right along the way, they could end up with 2 solid goalies where one of them could eventually be an attractive trading chip. For the promised/supposed competitive team 2 years down the road, Lagace will be a 20 so that should be a consideration as to what they want to do and when.

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