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Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
Here is also a great great player for comparison.

Vinny Lecavalier.

Look at his lifetime stats, season by season.

now look at Kopitars.

Really really similar.

Notice Lecavlaiers stats from 2005-2006 on. His most successful seasons as a player. Look at how much the shot totals jumped.

The difference between his first 5 years, when he was average about 70 points, and the next 3-4 seasons when he was averaging about 85-90 points, is the shot totals.

For 3 seasons there he was up over 300, and averaging about 320-325. The first 5 he was WELL below that. Somewhere in the range of about 200.

And the shooting averages remained relatively the same...around 12-13% Vinny must have just decided there post lockout that he was going to be the guy. He was going to make the difference.

I think, yes, centers are more commonly passers first rather then snipers. But it's not to say they don't exist. And I think part of Kopitars problem is he is trying to be the center he thinks he needs to be instead of the center he has the better skill set and opportunity to be.

Don't get me wrong Kopitar is a fantastic player the way he is currently playing. But how many of us here feel like there is STILL some untapped potential we haven't seen, or have seen very limitedly over his career?
The embolden about sums it up.

As for shot totals, I don't know if that tells the whole story or not. I just know when Kopitar tries to generate scoring chances for HIMSELF he's at his best. Everyone thinks that Anze needs sniping/finishing winger, which I think is totally wrong.

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