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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
Not trying to be an argumentative ***** (seriously I'm not), but I don't agree with this. When a beginner is learning to stop, starting with snow plows, then one skate plows then to a full hockey stop, I think it is much easier to learn with a little more angle to it. Staying too upright makes it harder to balance and sometimes go out the front. Any of the 'learn to stop' videos I've ever seen using the progressive method have all shown a healthy angle to the blade.

IMO, the biggest issue most beginners have with stopping has nothing to do with blade angle/position and everything to do with body position (knees, hips and chest).
I'm going to partially disagree, partially agree. Speaking as someone who learned to properly stop in the last five years as an adult.

Yes, it is about body position and angle. But by starting off easy with a vertical angle to get used to the snow plow, it gives the player a chance to develop the necessary ankle strength, confidence, balance, muscle memory to eventually develop the proper body position. The near vertical blade gives you a wider margin for error which is what you want starting out.

That was my first hand experience. I learned proper stops from my power skating instructor, soon as he told me about the blade angle to start out, it got alot easier as far as learning to stop, then just became about repetition and practice.

Now I'm at a point where I can do a hockey stop at full speed in a deep angle no problem, either foot, two footed or just on one.

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