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Originally Posted by Racer View Post
Kings fan here. I watched the PHI vs SJ game and man, does Simmonds play like that every game for you guys?

In LA, he talked a lot of trash, beat guys up and would always jump in for his team mates. He still likes to crash the net, has excellent puck skills down low and is like Gumby when he has the puck.

But in addition to all of that, the guy was just wrecking havoc in front the SJ net. Taking swings at guys, causing mayhem all night long... does he always do that this year? Reminded me of Tocchet in that regard.

It's like going to a team that gave him more opportunity unleashed some unstoppable beast of destruction....

** side note - please no comments on Richards or the trade. I personally am happy with Richards and think he'll be an important piece of the team for a long time.
Yes, Simmonds has been playing like that virtually the whole season. Everything you wrote is pretty much spot on, especially the bolded part. Homer even said after the trade that the Flyers felt "there is more there" when it came to Simmonds' offensive potential.

Simmonds has a unique skill set and style and understands his role on the team. Earlier in the season he was trying to be cute with the puck and looked like an idiot in doing so, but he's now back to being a mucker, grinder, and all-around thorn in the opponent's side, especially in front of the net. Basically all his goals come from within five feet of the net and are the result of pure determination (I've taken to calling him "the garbage disposal"). Simmonds is willing to do the dirty work that not many other players are, and he's definitely one of the toughest dudes in the entire league. All out effort every shift, every game, and gets the most out of his ability. He's simply been a treat to watch and should be an integral part of the Flyers' core group moving forward.

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