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02-29-2012, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Perrah View Post
People would inquire about eller if PG was stupid enough to trade him. Red Fisher isnt simply pointing out anything, as said earlier by agnostic he was piling on and using the trade deadline to justify it. What would you have traded AK for if you dont mind me asking? If you wouldnt have traded him for a second I assume you would re-sign him.

Also you dont trade your best FA signing of the previous off season unless he asks or they are going full rebuild and you tell Cole upfront. It's ridiculous to sign a guy, have him be your best forward night in night out and trade him. Maybe Plekanec was being shopped but people couldnt fit him under the cap, since no top 6 players other than carter where traded. It is easy to sit there and point the finger when you dont think about the logistics of it all (cap hit, term remaining).
This is logical. Trading Cole made sense to me, until I realized it sends a horrible message to all other UFAs.

Funny, so many of you young guys generalized about older guys 'getting it', because they've seen the great Habs teams. Well, this older guy 'gets it', and yes, I've seen more Cups in Montreal than Boston fans and their great-grandchildren will see in their combined lifetimes, and you know what... I'm not panicking.

I've also hated the previous years of bad asset management and knee-jerk trades, but we're currently in a very, very different position than those dark years. We are in stockpile mode. Loaded with draft picks for this year and next, plus a young roster that should improve. This is NOT like it was, this is a new mindset. Cap space aplenty, we're in the process of reinventing this franchise right now. The rebuild has started and because of all that inexperience we lost a season. Not because of a lack of talent, but because of a lack of mental maturity. So many blown leads - how did that happen? Did we forget how to play in the third period? Did the other team remember how to play in the last 20 minutes? No and no. Blowing game after game after game after being ahead is a symptom of nervousness and lack of experience. Losing games in the last 25 minutes isn't the mark of a bad team, it's the mark of an immature team.

So no, I'm not panicking, because along with all the Cups I've seen, I've also seen seasons much worse than this one. But unlike those seasons, we seem to be in the strange position of building instead of patching. Watch our young guys improve next year. That's my old-guy perspective: cautiously optimistic. And if I could generalize about all you young fans, I'd say you think the sky is falling based on the standings. Yeah, we're last. Big deal. Losing is a mentality that builds on itself. So is winning. More of this game is mental than you realize, and that'll become clear sooner than you think.

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