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02-29-2012, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by FlashyG View Post
If the bolded part was true, the Red Wings would excel at it.
Hate to break it to you but fighting still is important. So what the Red Wings don't do it very much. They also play a cleaner game than the rest of the NHL. There have always been teams who didn't bother fighting a whole lot. The Canadiens in the 1970s are an example. Don't get me wrong, they had their share of fighters when push came to shove, but they didn't look for it as much as the Flyers or Bruins at that time. It doesn't mean the Flyers didn't use their talents (an underrated skilled team combined with lots of muscle and intimidation).

As recent as 2007 we have seen a team similar to the Flyers style of play win the Cup. Possibly the best team post lockout. They combined skill and toughness like no other champ I've seen since the Broad Street Bullies. Throw a nod to the Bruins in 2011 who did much of the same, but maybe a little less skill. Ask Henrik Sedin if fighting is a part of the game.

Originally Posted by GeneralManager View Post
Fighting is neanderthal behavior. If you like it so much, go put on your affliction shirt and watch UFC. I want to see hits, dangles, saves and goals.
I love the uniqueness and diverse aspects of the game. The physicality, the speed and the intensity and finesse. I don't want any aspects taken out.

Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
If there's one thing that junior hockey should be all about, it's clowns like Jeff Kugel being given a chance to act like maniacs.
Kugel jumped off the bench and ran around the ice like a maniac chasing a player (Chris Minard) a fraction of his size. Those aren't your traditional fights.

Originally Posted by Psycho Papa Joe View Post
If this happens, I wouldn't be suprised if somebody starts up a competing Junior league where all the tougher players can go and learn their craft.
It'll happen

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