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Originally Posted by Splitbtw View Post
I am a player that likes to chrip, but only when the other team starts it.

Some of my favorites come on demand (as the best do), but include:

(Guy is all over the place acting ridiculous); "You're a clown. Where is your face paint, CLOWN!?"

(Guys is trying to chirp, looks at you); "You look like you're about to tell a joke, clown."

(Guy is whining about calls); "Do you want the rink to zamboni the ice with your tears? Cry about it more."

(Guy is diving); Where is your speedo? I don't see it. Do you dive withtout it?"

(Guy also diving) "Do you have a blanket? You keep trying to lay down there."

You're a joke (insert clown phrase)
Really? Trying to impress the fans?

The best ones come on the fly.
I bet those jokes kill at the carnival!!

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