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02-29-2012, 07:20 PM
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So lets get this straight. In upcoming changes to hockey

Minor hockey-make kids learn hitting LATER than they already do now. Check. (a league in BC has already banned hitting all together untill kids are 18 wrap your head around that logic)
Junior - Ban fighting
NHL- ban fighting, do nothing else to help with the game itself.

All in all. I feel really sorry for the kids growing up from now till the future. By the time I'm 30 (22 now) we're gonna see kids wrapped in bubble wrap, and people like me will complain about how every player is a scared to make a hit or take a hit.

Wanna take out hitting go ahead. But whats gonna happen when a player wants to get payback? Oh go out and make a hit? The "smart" choice? No. Thats not going to happen. Instead the players will go out not fight (fight usually settles it) instead they'll go out pissed off and probably make a reckless bad hit. Which will just result in more n more bad "pay back" hits. Is that what you want? apparently so. And I guarantee it will happen. Anyone commenting this is a great idea, I'm guessing never really played a high enough level of hockey to understand what happens on ice with these situations.

For everyone making some stupid about these being "kids" 16-20 give your head a shake. These "kids" are making life changing decisions at that age. 16 year old is making a decision to leave home and go pursue a career they might have in hockey. These KIDS have a lot already at that point in life. License, hockey is pretty much a full time job in junior with virtually paid for. Now if that's your definition of kids. Then CLEARLY some of you need to get caught up with the times. This is 2012 in case you were wondering.

AND for the record. Reckless hitting is more dangerous than fighting. Take out fighting will have pay back hits which will be reckless. So good luck puttin out that fire. Runin around omggg too many bad hits!! ban hitting too now!!

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