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02-29-2012, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by deangamblin View Post
So lets get this straight. In upcoming changes to hockey

Minor hockey-make kids learn hitting LATER than they already do now. Check. (a league in BC has already banned hitting all together untill kids are 18 wrap your head around that logic)
Junior - Ban fighting
NHL- ban fighting, do nothing else to help with the game itself.

All in all. I feel really sorry for the kids growing up from now till the future. By the time I'm 30 (22 now) we're gonna see kids wrapped in bubble wrap, and people like me will complain about how every player is a scared to make a hit or take a hit.

Wanna take out hitting go ahead. But whats gonna happen when a player wants to get payback? Oh go out and make a hit? The "smart" choice? No. Thats not going to happen. Instead the players will go out not fight (fight usually settles it) instead they'll go out pissed off and probably make a reckless bad hit. Which will just result in more n more bad "pay back" hits. Is that what you want? apparently so. And I guarantee it will happen. Anyone commenting this is a great idea, I'm guessing never really played a high enough level of hockey to understand what happens on ice with these situations.
100% agree. In the GTA there is a youth non contact league. Granted, the players are not highly skilled and if someone wants to start leagues like that, let them. But to mandate no checking in all leagues is ****ing stupid.

That said, I do understand concerns with height and weight differences within the same age.

I wouldn't be against a similar system they use here in football. Not based on age but weight.

Instead of strictly age for determining what level a child plays in, use a combination of weight and height.

Minor peewee, Level one ages 11/12 90 to 110 pounds
Minor peewee level two ages 12/13 over 110 pounds to 120 pounds.
Peewee level one ages 13/14 over 120 to 130 pounds.
(or whatever the brain trust comes up with)
This would be only for house league, A and double A

Leave Triple A the way it is.

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