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11-13-2003, 05:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Medicine Twin
Although I usually agree with you on many topics, I don't agree with you here Munchausen.
Well I'd find these boards pretty boring if everybody was always agreeing with me.

Originally Posted by Medicine Twin
Markov IS our most talented D-man but that doesn't mean he's a PP QB... it's quite the opposite actually. It's the one knock I've always had on Markov, even last year... he doesn't have the patience nor the vision to work the point on the PP. He shoots whether he has a shot or not most of the time and causes his team to lose the zone. He'd be more suited to let another point-man handle the puck while he sneaks in off the point. I'm sure he'd work well on either the top unit with Brisebois (who IS a QB) or on the 2nd unit with Hainsey QB'ing. But Souray has played well on the top unit so I'd leave him there for now.

Souray is simply not talented enough to QB a powerplay as you seem to be suggesting. He simply has a MONSTER of a shot... although his timing for using it is better than Markov's while his accuracy suffers. His accuracy is no better than it ever was, he's just shooting alot more. His production should slow down as PK'ers start to key in on him. But I still see him finishing the season with apx. 15 goals... which is awesome.

Last games ice-time (according to ESPN):

Bouillon --> PP 0:46, PK 1:46, EV 19:32
Brisebois -> PP 6:50, PK 2:46, EV 18:05
Markov ---> PP 3:14, PK 0:27, EV 14:31
Rivet ----> PP 1:09, PK 0:57, EV 22:34
Souray ---> PP 7:14, PK 3:10, EV 16:04
Hainsey --> PP 0:47, PK 0:00, EV 8:26

If it were up to me (in order):

PP mins: Brisebois > Souray > Markov > Hainsey > Rivet
PK mins: Souray > Markov > Rivet > Bouillon > Brisebois
EV mins: Souray > Markov > Rivet > Bouillon > Brisebois

Markov should be getting alot more minutes than he's been getting on 5-on-5 and on the PK, his PP mins are fine the way they are. It's an interesting point that was brought up that Markov may be playing injured, I'd like to know the answer.
Although Markov is not a general in the way you seem to see the QBing job on the PP, I think he has amazing vision. Just that fact commands more ice time on the PP. But I can see what you're suggesting and you're not wrong either. My comment was more to point out the fact that Rivet and Bouillon getting all this PP ice time over Markov is just plain wrong IMO.

As for Souray, I do see an improvement with his accuracy and confidence over 2 years ago. And I agree all Souray has going for him offensively is his wicked shot. Still, it's enough to justify his PP time, as he's one of the few that actually shoots on net in the PP. Right now he's our Al Iafrate and the fact that other teams will start covering him is a good thing since it will open some extra ice for the forwards.

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