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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
If you're in your 30's 40's+ the Habs as they are right now are a pathetic excuse of an organization. You have to understand that these people saw great teams, great players, great coaches, cups, they have a right to be pissed/grumpy.

It's the younger crowd who were not around for the glory years and have nothing to compare the current team to that don't seem to think things are that dire.

The franchise is irrelevant and almost embarassing.
Not directing this at you, just using it as general representation of a counterpoint.

I get that lots of the older generation are pissed. Hell I'm 28 and I'm pissed cuz I was alive for two Cups and basically we saw the darkest of days when I was a teenager. Then came the exciting return to the playoffs and some memorable moments, but yes, I too want a CUP, now!!! And I want us to return to glory in this league.

Thing is, the NHL is not the same as it was back then. No 3 point games, didn't have 30 teams with such little parity, pretty sure we had some advantages that have been equalized over the years. Not to mention to ever present politicization of this team.

We do have a bright future and I think as soon as next year. Previously, the top picks in the draft would help but not always turn a franchise right around. Not saying this will surely happen, but if we draft high this year and make a few tweaks and the guys are healthy, we have a team that is definitely in contention with the top teams in the NHL. We need the right calibration, but it's not that far gone. Sometimes you need to endure the pain before it gets really better. A lot of Cup teams have done so but have had the luxury of their fans not caring when they sucked that bad (cept Toronto...tee hee). We'll turn it around and tbh, maybe we just needed this to happen to really take it to the next level. We've made incremental improvements since those dark days and I still have great moments of the contemporary Habs.

I'm not mad. Not anymore. Just finish out the season as we should (no better or worse than we've been) and get our chance to finally draft a guy who can turn this franchise around up FRONT.

We don't need years of tanking. just this one.

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