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02-29-2012, 09:07 PM
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Another one of the wuss-ifications of our society!! I'm sorry but no one is forcing you to watch hockey or a hockey fight! No one forces your child to play hockey(except maybe the parent)

CHL hockey needs fighting for two reasons! Entertainment is first, and to all the folks who said NO 16 year old should fight for entertainment, then if your kid is skilled enough to make the CHL don't let him play!! People may not pay to watch fighting but they do play to watch an emotional, fast and fun game! With emotions come anger and anger comes fighting!! Human beings have been fighting in all forms since the beginning of time!! We are built that way!

Second, to prevent the league from beig a cheap shot artist league! The maturity level of 16-20 years olds is far less than a PRO player, tempur tantrums happen and players use sticks and equipment as weapons! The threat of a possible fight makes people think twice!

Again if you don't like fighting in hockey, save your cash and go watch noon hour fun league, put your kids in chess tournaments and leave the hockey folks alone!

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