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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
I totally agree. I'm not trying to give reasons why the trade should or shouldn't have happened. It happened. I'm just merely saying, I'm starting to get upset at the fans who almost seem to re-invent their image of a player because he was traded. I will always love Mike Richards for his time here in Philadelphia. He deserves to be remembered for everything he did; just like Gagne is/was.
There were good times and not so good times with Mike Richards. He did have intermittent periods of play where he was not impactful and kind of loafing a bit, evidenced by his production waning over the past few years as did his physical game. Those times when he would decide to take over a game with a determined effort seemed to fade into distant memory. I know he was playing hurt, but he also had a poor attitude to go with it. He was petulant and even whiney at times. There was the icy, standoffish relationship with the media and of course, the off-ice shinnanegans. Mike was a very good young player for a few years, and I'll always have fond memories of him when he was at his best, but I think his injuries coupled with the issues surrounding him being in the captaincy here weighed on him over time and he just wasn't as good or effective a player as he was a few years injuries add up and take their toll, he may never be that player again.

I advocated removing the captaincy from Richards at the end of last season. I grew to dislike his handling of the role and was underhwelmed with his leadership and level of play. I don't think he wasn't having a good time either, with the pressure under the spotlight. I think it was natural to question his suitability for the C. There seemed to be this sentiment though, among some, that he was automatically entitled to keep the C, regardless of his struggles. I felt there were better candidates, especially after the team brought in numerous quality veterans, who had been captains on other teams (Pronger, Briere, Timonen). I didn't expect the team to trade him, but I have to say, it sure looks like it was a great move. I wish Mike Richards well, but I'm loving the players we got in return. This team could have really been something special this year if the newly annointed Captain Pronger remained healthy. It's always something with this f*$#king team.

Oh, I think the C should go to Kimmo. He's a warrior who always plays 100% and he isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Giroux will do just fine as the heir apparent.

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