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01-31-2006, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by stick9
At that age I wouldnt worry about it at all. For kids that age I actually like the idea. He'll be to settle into a postion and start to learn the finer points of playing it in the next few years.

You mention something in your post that sort of backs up what the coach is doing - "He does want to be goalie still sometimes, just not every game.". I bet the kids on his team never get bored or complain that they are stuck doing one thing all the time.

You are right there. They don't complain about that.

Originally Posted by Murphy2
It sounds like the coach is following the guidelines set forth by Hockey Canada.

I believe it's known as the Nike skills development program. At the Novice level I think 75% of the curriculum applies to straight technical skills and it isn't until the Atom level that team play strategies come into play.

That said, I think as the year ends there should be some consideration to players being put into positions according to their strengths or desire, so as to prepare them for Atom but at the Novice level it's not really all that critical.

Where this could become a problem is for the first year kids that want to try-out for an Atom development team. At the start of try-outs they have to state what position they're trying out for and if they haven't played any one position they're at a bit of a disadvantage.

But for the most part, positional play isn't starting to develop until Atom and thats as per Hockey Canada.

Thanks Murphy. That makes it all make more sense. So next year he will be playing a position.

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