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02-29-2012, 11:35 PM
Tim Tebow
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Doesn't matter how experienced, smart, loud, hard working, talented, etc. a player is, if for whatever reason that player isn't entirely respected by someone they won't respond as well. I think people put to much emphasis on picking someone who is going to be around for years or who logs the most ice time and all that jazz. The most powerful voice is the most respected voice to the specific people involved.

Instead of just guessing I would just have the players anonymously vote for whoever they wanted to be a captain and possibly even put down the name(s) of player(s) who they would not want as captain just in case someone who is respected publicly happens to be not as loved by the team itself. They may not even go with the highest vote getter, but it lets them see what the state of the locker room is and the coaches, GM, owner, whoever else, can all discuss and agree or disagree on if the selected player is qualified to handle it.

It may sound juvenile but I feel it would be the most accurate way to choose the most productive and team influential leader.

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