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11-13-2003, 04:51 PM
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Nothing personal, but you are singing the same old tune that player's unions in all major professional sports have been repeating for decades. The script goes like this:

Player's Union: "Owners need to disclose their financials!"
Owners then provide financials.
Player's Union: "These numbers are incomplete and manipulated to favor the owner's agenda! We don't believe them!"

It is soooo predictable and such a red herring, IMO. Player's union doesn't trust the owners? Fine, that's their perogative. As it is the perogative of owners not to accept a CBA that doesn't meet the needs of their business investment.

The owners have, in fact, gotten themselves into this economic mess, no doubt. (And the players aren't even questioning the fact that the league has financial problems; only the most cynical idealogue would at this point). The next CBA is the owners' "hammer" to rectify the problem of skyrocketing employee payrolls. I'm looking forward to them using it.

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