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02-29-2012, 11:50 PM
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Pretty much agree with everyone else.

Totally out classed, the difference in coaching was real noticeable, the Blues system play was awesome, while the Oilers system play was non-existent.

I was on CoH, and I suggested that maybe barker might be (and the Oilers as well) better off being tried at 4th line wing. The chat ended before I could explain, so I will here.

The one thing that struck me is Barker is actually playing like a forward, though unfortunately, he's a defense man. But... He does have some offensive skill, is a bigger body, likes to hit, and being shuffled over to the wing means a lot less responsibility. Considering we are dress Horichuck and giving him 3-4 minutes per game, maybe give Barker that spot a couple games and see what happens. He is trying too hard, that's the reason he keeps making those bad mistakes, so maybe take that pressure off of him, he can relax, and might do better in a different role and responsibility.

The worst that happens is he fails, which he already has been doing all season anyway, and then maybe waiver him if he does. On the other hand, he may find a bit more success up front, and the management would be happy, because then they don't actually have to admit they made a very very VERY bad mistake signing him.

We have a couple more games before the AHL cut off on Tuesday, and then we can call up Omark. In the meanwhile, why not? Not losing anything.

Okay, I will find a big rock to hide behind so you can start flaming away...

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