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03-01-2012, 12:11 AM
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In arena pride!

Hey guys, I'm sorry if I should've put this into a different thread but I wanted to bring something up that I noticed watching the Toronto game. As much as I dislike Canadian teams and hope they all lose every game they play, there is one thing I have to credit their fans with and that is when it comes to their Canadian pride. I have noticed that when the person singing the national anthem starts singing, they can pretty much stop singing and you can still hear the anthem being sang by the crowd, as well as GIANT Canadian flags being waved through the crowd.
The reason I bring it up is because it made me think about how it is completely different at our arena. I can't speak for the other US teams around the league,but I know when it comes to singing the US National Anthem and/or waving GIANT US flags during the Anthem,it really doesn't seem like we have as much pride as they do(unless we are playing a canadian team,but the flag(s) is a small one)

Again, I am sorry for starting a new thread, just pointing it out and maybe even trying to start a new trend here in Fla. Maybe we can get giant flags for the anthem and try to show some more pride(not that we aren't proud of our country, but just to get the mojo going ya know)

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