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03-01-2012, 12:19 AM
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Originally Posted by King Richards View Post
So let me get this straight - you...

- Have a previous history of posting and admitting that Mike Richards is the type of player that wins you championships

- You ignore circumstances such as his injury, new teammates, horrible linemates, a new system, and decide that now 64 games later he is suddenly a worthless bum

- Declare a few posts up that he hasn't been a leader, despite obvious evidence to the contrary (including numerous quotes from his teammates indicating they have the highest respect for him)

All you have to cling on to is that he has 1 goal in his last 29 games.

From Nov 8 to Jan 8, Anze Kopitar had 3 goals in 28 games. 2 better than Richards' current streak. Are you willing to go on record saying that Kopitar is a bum and not a leader, as well? Or do you not have an axe to grind with him?
There is a separate thread for Kopitar that people can post to if they wish. Yes, I am disappointed in him and that is just another reason why the Richards trade should NOT have benn made. This team was not ready to compete this year and sitting in 10th place on March 1st is proof of that.

Regarding his leadership - I don't see it. Where does he show leadership on the ice? I can't think of many examples I can point to (or any for that matter). And of course the players will say the right things to keep public harmony. Who knows what they think in the locker room?

I'm tired of excuses made for this guy...injury (almost 3 months ago he came back), linemates (isn't he supposed to elevate the compete level of his linemates?), coaching (so far he has failed under 2 coaches), new system (he's a professional star player making he so dumb he can't understand it?).

Richards better pick up his game and do so quickly. We didn't give up Schenn and Simmonds for Trevor Lewis but that's what it feels like right now.

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