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03-01-2012, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
I really don't think Larsen had a rough game. You seemed to blame him for the 2nd goal which to me just looked like a pedestrian rim around the boards that didn't get out -- something that happens countless times each game -- and it's not like he had an obvious alternative option. The crucial breakdown was with the forwards higher out and then you got the weird bounce/deflection. Like the Pens fan above said, Malkin was neutralized for most of the game and Larsen had a lot to do with that. It says a lot that he was on the ice consistently against that line. Even Robidas and Souray I thought had decent-to-good games. Souray more than Robidas who did get running around a bit at times.

The pairs are of course totally messed up, but that goes without saying.
I thought I saw that Larsen had an outlet behind the net, but instead tried to get it up the boards despite 2-3 bodies along it. I may have been wrong. I agree though the major breakdown came later in the shift, but I just get so frustrated at what seems like half of this team's clearing attempts never getting out and lead to direct turnovers. What follows of course is almost always scoring chances against, or in this case, goals. I also thought Larsen had more breakdowns than just that, and feel like he's not playing as simple and smartly as he was before the injury.

Souray I agree has played a better game since taking time off to heal. Robidas was a trainwreck tonight I thought, same problems as always.

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