Thread: Speculation: 2012-2013 Sharks Roster analysis
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03-01-2012, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
As it has come out from the Rags, I would be surprised if DW would meet that price. It is way overboard. Not in the ballpark of what he paid for Boyle or JT. Nash is not even on the level of the aforementioned.

With the careers of Boyle, JT and Marleau winding down, DW absolutely needs depth over top end talent at this point. He needs to go for top end in the draft for when JT and Marleau are further in decline. Going for Nash is going for a very painful rebuild.
I think that's what he's in the middle of doing, and why there's no way he's shipping off Couture for Nash. He's been more conservative in shipping high picks out recently as well.

If Couture hadn't arrived as a potential franchise center, I think this year might have been the last big playoff attempt for the team before beginning to sell off players for prospects & picks. Long story short, Couture changed the direction of franchise in both the long and short term; instead of having to blow up the team and do a full rebuild, they're moving into a gradual transition period starting next year. The Sharks may not be a premier contender for the next 2-3 years, but they'll continue to get into the postseason and have a shot.

The team is pretty set on defense (and goaltending) for the forseeable future, between the younger players on the team (Burns, Demers, Braun, Vlasic) and top prospects (Doherty, Irwin, Petrecki, Abelthauser). Filling in a depth hole here or there is always possible via FA.

The forwards are the weak point, but DW is banking on Thornton & Marleau being in teal for the long haul even if they begin to decline. Even into their late 30s I think they'll still be able to put up 40-50 points a year, which is fine for 2nd & 3rd line production. Those are two spots you won't really need to fill.

The org seems to be capable of pumping out plenty of bottom six forwards, and those are not too hard to get through free agency if need be either. Biggest issue moving forward would be finding a pair of great wingers to play on either side of Couture since Clowe isn't going to last there forever. Maybe Wingels, Galiardi, Nieto, or Hamilton could end up being one of those guys, but this is a big question mark. The good news here is that they don't really need to rush to find a solution.

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