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01-31-2006, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Wondercarrot
Wow! i had no idea.... 5th you say?!!
Well then let me be the first to say I would be happy to be the team paying for Mats glorious past 10 years. Afterall his best hockey is still ahead of him.
and at 6.5 million/year!!! what steal!

The Sens offer Spezza straight up for this living legend.

(by the way you neglected to mention that he's on pace for 20 goals this year....assuming of course he was healthy.)

Oh you're right, because spezza has WAY more goals than sundin this year... right?
im not sure what Spezza's goals have to do with anything. i was relating Sundin's goal total (and his $6.5 million salary)to the fact the you were trying to say he's still the same old Sundin.
however since you were asking about Spezza, well...yes he does have WAY more goals over the course of a year. its the difference between a 20 goal scorer and a 30 goal scorer, but really its the assists where Spezza totally owns him.

Spezza - 32 goals 93 assists = 125 pts
Sundin - 21 goals 58 assists = 79 pts

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