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03-01-2012, 03:43 AM
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I can't take anything Milbury says seriously after he traded away Luongo and Chara completely screwing the Islanders over for about 15 years not to mention many more idiotic deals and draft picks.

Back on point though, what was Nystrom to do. He was obviously beaten to the puck and his only choice was to take the body. Because of the way Letang lunged to touch the puck he put himself in the vulnerable postiton.

When you as a player come around the net with your head down poking at the puck you are looking to get your **** rocked. Letang has played the game for 20+years and he has got to know a hit is coming. It was clean and hard, hockey players have to stop this crap after every big hit. Get your head up and avoid the hit or take it like a man. Not to say he didn't take it but the way announcers try to portray every hit as over the line and suspendable is despicable. This is how the game is played!

Nystrom is not a dirty player. Actually Letang is the cheap shot and I could careless if he is hurt, the guy is a a shifty skater but cheap shots a new opponent each night with a shot from behind or crosscheck. Letang only gets away with it because he plays for the Penguins. He is lucky Malkin plays for his team or they wouldn't be ****.

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