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Originally Posted by hairylikebear View Post
It makes me happy that the standard for Larsen is to make the right play every single time. It really speaks for what a special player he is.
The thing about Larsen, and what really separates him from a player like Niskanen (and even Wandell, bless his little stone hands) is that Larsen rarely makes the same mistake twice.

For instance, in a game a few weeks ago, Larsen was directly responsible for the game-winning goal by being overly aggressive with his positioning - he tried to give Goligoski, who was in a battle for the puck on the wall, an outlet behind the net for a pass, but in doing so he left his defensive responsibility of the front of the net uncovered, and an opposing player found it and scored. The next time that same type of play came around, Larsen made sure his partner had full possession of the puck before leaving his position for the outlet.

He makes mistakes like any young player, and sometimes his instincts aren't the smartest, but he learns quickly. That's a huge positive for him, maybe more so than anything else he possesses.

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