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Originally Posted by WILDhockeyfan View Post
Before we even talk about next year's salary cap let's see if we can avoid another lock-out first.
I'm not sure where this bizarro fantasy that there is certain to be a lockout has been coming from. I guess it must be fallout from the NFL and NBA labor problems. However, in order for there to be a lockout, the owners must have some incentive to lock the players out. With hockey, that's simply not the case. Sure, the owners would always like a better revenue split, but when it comes down to it, revenues are at all time highs, the league just got a brand new lucrative TV deal, most teams are profitable, league attendance is up. Every viable metric is positive.

Will the owners try get a better revenue split? Sure they will. Will the players try fight against it? Absolutely. Ultimately, the players will give in around 2% on the revenue split, and the league will eliminate Shanahan, bringing in a third party arbiter. Then both sides will go on their merry way and the season will continue on unaffected.

Regardless of that, salary cap discussions are incredibly simple because they're calculated as a proportion of HRR. Since HRR is a projectable number, the existence of labor negotiations is largely irrelevant to any cap discussions.

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