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03-01-2012, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by JXC View Post
You said this TEAM is performing as expected. I then asked why you moan and wail so much in GDTs if this is what you expected.

Stop changing the subject.
I never changed the subject. I addressed what you said. This statement makes zero sense.

So when the rookies were going well, it was Lavi handling them well. But now they've slowed. And there is no witchcraft.

Got it
That's what happens to rookies. They get tired. No coach can stop it in the long run unless the rookie is a phenom. While they were still fresh he got good results out of them. That's good coaching!

Now...question: Why is it that suddenly you consider coaching to be so unimportant? I thought it was a big deal. Are you bitter that your little favorite is failing?
I have no attachment to Lavi. If he were fired right now I wouldn't shed any tears. However, I would wonder what Holmgren is thinking; See, coaching is important. Lavi has been a very good coach and has truly made the most of a very difficult situation. He isn't failing at all, you just want to pretend he is and you can't provide any real concrete proof that he's failing. You're just trying to piss people off.

No one.
So you have no solution or alternative, and every time you speak several people prove you incorrect. Maybe you should give up.

Stop making excuses, for heaven's sake.
Nobody is making any excuses. We are, however, giving you reasons he is doing well. However, you can't do anything to disprove those points so you ignore them, change the topic, or try to trivialize them by saying something like "b-b-b-b-but rookies." Congratulations, you haven't proven anything and in the process you make yourself out to be an immature child who isn't worth debating with because you don't know anything.

Because it's a dumb question.
Because you have no answer and you're most likely either throwing a mindless tantrum over nothing, or you're just out to annoy people.

Wrong about what?
Just about everything you've said.

Because it's a dumb question.
Haha, fantastic. When backed into a corner, this is your go-to response; dodge the question, avoid answering it, and attack the question instead. You've made it thoroughly clear that you have very little to say which is worth listening to, you apparently have no point, you have no alternatives or solutions, and when confronted you essentially break eye contact and vigorously dodge challenges to your weak arguments. Your posts in this thread most resemble a child throwing a tantrum; you spew a bunch of crap, it gets refuted, and then you attempt to trivialize the response instead of actually addressing it. Wonderful, thanks for wasting all of our time.

Edit: JXC, you simply have no credibility in any coaching argument. You think that Stevens is a good coach, and Lavi is a bad one. That's pretty much all that needs to be pointed out to discount anything you have to say about who is or isn't a competent coach.

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